Charlemayne and I met at a Professionals in the City seated speed dating event for Black singles at Chi-Cha Lounge in DC. He heard about the event from a friend, and I decided to go because a group of my sorority sisters were attending. Neither one of us expected anything from the event, but went with open minds. We went on our first official date a couple weeks later at Gazuza Lounge and needless to say, we hit it off because 2 years and 2 days later, we were married at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC! Thank you for hosting the event that put us together.

Shameka & Charlemayne W.

I’m happy to inform that in-spite of my reservations I attended your event with an open mind and I was incredibly surprised! That night I met my now husband. We hit it off from the start and were engaged 9 months later. We now have a beautiful daughter named Karlee Mia, who would have never come to be had I not attended that evening (our first and only speed dating experience). Surprisingly enough, it only took me 4 minutes to know I had found the one (even though at the event he tried opening my lock 3 times and none of them worked 🙂

Karina C. & Randy M.

It’s been several weeks since I’ve returned from Cuba and am still constantly distracted with thoughts and memories of an amazing experience! It was unforgettable and that is the general consensus of those in the group. The trip was very well organized and executed. The tour guide, Pedro Cesar, was amazing and made our time there perfect. The country and city of Havana is like nothing else, despite the political and economic situation. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I will never forget although I’m planning on going back. Thank you for making it possible! Mucho gusto!

Kristin, Cuba

Rio de Janeiro truly is “A Cidade Maravilhosa” The Marvelous City! I had such a great time on this trip I would recommend it to anyone! The Cariocas were very friendly; the entire city is in full party mode for Carnaval! The mountains over looking the beaches provide for breath taking views of the city. Rio is home to two of the most famous beaches in the world: Copacabana and Ipanema. I also enjoyed Sao Conrado beach; since it was less crowded and it is the beach where I landed on from my hang gliding excursion. I was traveling alone and made friends with the other people on the trip. The people who I met on the trip made my time in Rio all the more memorable; we had a lot of laughs along the journey!! I had a blast!! Everyone should experience Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro!! Thanks to Jennifer and Professionals in the City!!

Frank, Rio de Janeiro Carnival trip

Almost two years ago, snow and ice hit the DC area one January day and roads were slick. Despite the nasty weather, I drove into DC and attended the 4-minute speed dating event at Chi-Cha Lounge. That night I met a man who told me a really bad joke and I told him an equally bad joke. It was love.
Last Saturday, Steve and I were married and surrounded by the friends who went with us that night. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to find my best friend and the love of my life.


I can honestly say with a straight face that your “Real Guys Giving Real Advice to Real Women Seminar” was the BEST event I’ve gone to in my 41yrs of life 🙂

-Cynthia Thomas

This was my first time trying this and I had an absolute blast. Will definitely do it again, recommend it to all my friends, and probably write about in my blog. Every Pros in the City event I’ve attended has been exceptionally well done and I’m very glad your organization exists. You’ve made it very easy for this new-comer to meet people in DC.


I really LOVE your embassy events! Please post another one soon.


Thanks for working with us on our concert advertisement. We ended up filling the entire venue, more than 3,000 people.

Your help was important to us!


Hey, My girlfriends and I went to the NYE party at Hotel Washington and it was a BLAST! I have never had more fun on New Years Eve than I did this year. We really felt we got a lot for our money A famous hotel, a ton of eligible men, a famous celebrity who ROCKED… okay well almost famous (coulda fooled me!), an artist, a GREAT DJ on every floor …I could go on and on. This was a GREAT TIME and besides having a slight headache the next morning I just wanted to say IT WAS WORTH IT!!! : ) Thanx MUCH and Happy New Year!


He is a top-rate instructor and the class is offered at a great value. To the person considering joining this class and testing their limits: DO IT! You will not regret it.


Last month’s event “Are You Telling Each Other The Truth? How To Build Trust In Any Relationship” was EXCELLENT!!!! One of the best presentations I have EVER attended. Even though I was 45 minutes late, I got a lot out of it and bought 2 of his books. And, I must say his advice has literally changed my life since then. Please have him again so I can take all my friends and hear the first 45 minutes. Thank you, and I hope it will be on your schedule again soon.


“One of the best times I’ve had in a long time!!! Really great bunch of folks running the show there!! Great job!!”


We met at your Halloween party at Cecilia’s. Today, we got married. After the ceremony, we went to your event at the Embassy of Bulgaria to celebrate. 

– Jeff and Catyana, Married.

Neither of us was going to go to the Halloween party. Then each of us decided “What the hell?” I did not know that it was a costume party. When I walked in and saw that everyone was in costume, I walked out. 

– Jeff

I saw him walk in. And when he walked out, I was sad. But he came back. 

– Catyana

I was sitting down and she came over and sat next to me. Then she asked me to dance. And the rest is history. 

-Jeff and Catyana

This was a fantastic event, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for offering!


I had the greatest 4th of July I have ever had. The win the Nats had and being part of 39,207 in attendance. I am glad Pros In The City was part of helping to make that happen. I am sure you all were happy to halp make that happen too.


I went into the event without any expectations and open to receive whatever would offer. I was surprised at the content of the event. A lot of information, which very much coincides with the point at which I am at in my life right now. Exploring possibilities!! Great event!!


I’m not certain if you want a rating from 1 – 10, or what, but I’d give it a 12, at least, if that’s the kind of scale on which you’d like to rate. The class was fun, the instructor was both great at what she did, and she made it fun. She was personable and conducted the class as a totally enjoyable exercise. I especially appreciated her positive attitude and reinforcement to those of us who didn’t find it all that easy. I would certainly take it again, and would tell anyone else wanting to take it to do so. It was a great way to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon.


I vote for more 35 plus events, especially more singles events and more outdoors events. I love your 35 plus events. You just need to offer more of them.


The Megadance event was fabulous! It was an incredible workout and really empowering, with a sense of humor to it. Your instructor is an incredible teacher and I will absolutely check out another one of her classes. As always, never fails to deliver. Thank you for a fantastic event and a lovely Sunday afternoon!

-Rebecca K.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tennis match event at Fairfax Racquet Club last night. It felt great to meet new people and play on a team together…very relaxing venue for conversation. I hope you are planning to host this event again soon!


I have to say that was the best money I have spent in sometime!! This was a great course. The speaker was fantastic! She was dynamic and was certainly passionate about what she does. I learned a great deal ….I was reminded of some essential keys to having my own success be it personal or professional. If you missed this I highly recommend this course to anyone! I also met a group of really great people and believe I will even make a few close friendships in the deal! Really great thanks!


I’ve been to many elegant spots for New Year’s Eve over the years, but your night at the French Embassy was spectacular! It topped them all while still not costing an outrageous amount. It was well worth the expense and very pleasantly exceeded both (date and self) of our expectations. 


Hello! My friends and I tried out your New Years Eve party at the Washington Plaza Hotel and had a GREAT time! I even met someone (I’m still in shock!) and the event was better than expected in many ways. We absolutely loved the Madonna you had there. She was amazing! Really, all of the entertainment was first rate. We were commenting on how good ALL of the activities were especially being single, they made meeting others a lot easier. Anyway, after this event I plan on doing a lot more with Pros in the City.

-Sara R. Michael-

I had a really fun time at last night’s event. Thank you.

I also really enjoyed my birthday night out last night at the Alexandria marina — on the boat of a friend of someone I met at one of your rooftop mixers, plus several of the other friends I met through your events in June joined us. It was so much fun… I am truly grateful to you for all the opportunities that you provide to meet people in this town. I’ll see if I can nominate you for some kinds of “biggest contribution to the city” awards — I am such a huge fan of what you do!

Thank you, thank you!

-Rebecca R.

I just wanted to say that the cooking class on seafood was wonderful. I really enjoyed it, learned to cook a new dish (and got tips on 4 other dishes other teams were cooking). The people were really lovely and the food which we ate after cooking was extremely good. I plan to go to more cooking classes like this in the future.


I wanted to let you know that I met my fiancee at the Four Minute Dating event in Washington last year. I was actually there as a bet that I made with a friend of mine. I didn’t expect to find the love of life at a Four Minute Dating event. Little did I know that I would meet Sasha. I actually held up the line because I wanted to talk with her more. She had the most beautiful smile and eyes that just melted my heart. It was love at first sight for me. She was there as moral support for a friend of hers. They say “you find love when you least expect it.” I am a firm believer of this. We have been together for 11 months now and we are engaged to be married. I couldn’t see my life with any woman other than her. Thanks Pros in the City for making this possible.


I loved the salsa rueda class that you held in Bethesda, MD at Union Jacks a little while back. I have been waiting for another salsa rueda event scheduled there again!! Please have another event there. All my friends would LOVE to join the fun!! Thanks!!


I wanted to congratulate you on what a splendid idea it was to have a party for Forty Plus… “the forgotten sector of the singles population”…

As I mingled with so many other 40 Plus Singles, they all said we should raise our voices for more events, more dances and more activities for this sector.

I thought, it would be a good idea to let you know that the event was a huge success, and to say Thank You for thinking about us 40 Plus Singles…!!

Truly yours,


A wise man once said “There is a lid for every pot.” I felt like I had been
looking for my lid forever. I want to thank Professionals in the City for
having such great events. There I met my lid, engaged under the Eiffel Tower
in Paris and now we are going to be married!!

-Rita Carmen, met Avi Isaacson New Year’s Eve

I attended the Stripography class last week and I absolutely loved it. The instructor was an amazing leader and did a wonderful job setting the mood and working us into the mindset of a Cabaret dancer. She was very encouraging and funny, and all in all I just had a wonderful time.


LOVED your Galapagos trip. WONDERFUL!! I’d like to sign up for it again next year!!!

-Jim S.

I would like to say that I had a most enjoyable time on your Iceland trip and I commend all those that put this trip together. It exceeded my expectations in every way. The organization displayed was top notch. I look forward to future events and future trips. Kudos to all those involved. Thank you


My boyfriend and I attended the New Year’s Eve event and wanted to share what a wonderful night we had. It was so much fun being able to bounce from room to room, enjoying all the varieties of music, decor, and food/beverages. Neither of us exaggerate when we say this, but it was seriously, the best night of our lives. (Of course, being in the company of each other had something to do with that, but your event helped make it become more magical than we could have ever imagined!)

-Amy S. (& Terry)

I meet my husband at your Progressive party a year ago and wanted to share our story with you. Without your party, we likely would never have met. My husband Allan was serving a Diplomatic post in Washington, DC and I was and still am a Real Estate Broker with my own company. We didn’t have any mutual friends or attend similar functions. Allan was a Playboy and I was so picky about who I dated our friends often teased the both of us that we would never find someone to marry. Both of us dated frequently but had not found someone special enough to marry. at your party, that changed. Allan basically swept me off my feet. He is the most charming, sexy, intelligent, witty, funny, loving man and I absolutely adore him. I feel very fortunate to be his wife today. We exchanged numbers at the progressive party and started dating within a few days. Within a week, we were both hooked and inseparable. I feel so fortunate to have him in my life and he feels the same of me. We were married of this year. He is in South Africa now and I will be joining him soon to spend the rest of our lives together. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet.

-Laurie Williams Wright

You know the folks who participated [in your children’s toy drive at Children’s Hospital] yesterday and I would only ask that you pass along my heartfelt thanks as well. I truly think this may have been the best ever group of “elves” we have had at Children’s. What an exceptional group of young people. You should be very pleased they will respond to you and Michael in that manner. The interest they all demonstrated and the aura of genuine care and concern radiated from each person there and I know that for just a short time I was present when a small group of people made a huge difference in the lives of some very sick children and showed the parents that others truly do care!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you and your friends for your generosity and for always being there. Cheers, and all best wishes as we head into a new year.

-Don Stoufer