WUSA9.com, March 12, 2008

Cooking For One by Anita Brikman

Michael Karlan is head of Pros in the City and says “A lot of times people are single for all sorts of reasons, and it can be very overwhelming at first.” Michael says that learning to cook for one can be very empowering for singles.

Chef Vera Foresman says that single people overthink dinner and go straight for the quick unhealthy fix instead. She says, “They eat frozen foods, canned foods, and go out to the same fast food places.” Chef Vera Foresman went on to say that many singles will settle for peanut butter with whatever is in the cupboard, or eat the same unhealthy dish over and over again.

The cooking class today was about simple sauces, glazing, and creating your own salad dressing. Michael Karlan says the that the goal of the cooking class was teaching singles a new skill and also giving them the opportunity to connect with other singles in the DC area. Michael says, “One of thie nice things about doing something like this is that you are finding some people that you have a shared interest with.”

After the prep and completion of the meal, Chef Vera Foresman says class participants have now mastered cooking for one. Up next for them is cooking for two. She says “It’s a very sensual experience and makes your life a whole lot better.”