Why a Speed Dating Event is Better than Online Dating

Don’t frown upon speed dating like the commercials tell you to. Of course, they want you to spend a bunch of money on their online dating site. But why spend tons of money on people you may never meet face to face when you can speed date and get way more for your money? Here is why speed dating Washington DC is here to stay.

Forget algorithms, forget online messaging and pictures and all of that hullabaloo. You could spend hundreds of dollars in a year and maybe meet a handful of people. Maybe out of that handful of people one works out or maybe not. That is still a lot of money for only a handful of people. Speed Dating costs $30. You can meet anywhere from 10-30 or more people in one night! Right there, you’ve already surpassed what these online providers can give you and you’re getting way more for your money. The odds are also in your favor. I would rather have 30 options than 5. Are you with me?

Online dating works for some, don’t get me wrong. But how much time is wasted doing the whole process? At a speed date event, you talk for a few minutes, face to face, with a bunch of singles. You see them there in the flesh. No one can hide behind a pretty picture and profile. Here they are, right in front of you, with all of their glory. This is who they are! They can’t post a picture from 10 years ago that you are drawn to, fall in love with and then ultimately you are disappointed when you finally take the chance to meet them in real life and don’t recognize the person in front of you. No hiding this time!

Speed Dating Washington DC is not only more honest than online dating, I think it is more efficient as well. When you converse with someone, again,  face to face, you can tell in just a few minutes if you are attracted to them or feel that connection. You just don’t get that with online dating. You can weed out the duds right off of the bat. Let’s say you attend 5 speed datings in 1 year. That is a total of $150 and on average you will have met 50-150 people. And how much do you spend on online dating? Yes, you’re welcome.

The concept of speed dating can either intrigue someone or scare them away. We are here to set the record straight! You don’t need to be scared off from those commercials that show the guy with the scary black and white face paint at a speed dating event, or the weird creepy guy that barely talks. That is just not the reality of the situation. Professionals in the City draws in a professional crowd- hence the name! Sure, you may not be interested in EVERY person you meet, but we can guarantee you will be meeting a lot more than you would online dating.

Another one of the misconceptions about a speedate event is that it is uncomfortable. People think that you are stuck talking to someone you wouldn’t be caught dead with if you had the choice. While you may be seated across from some people that you do not find a connection with, it is not for long at all, hence the name speedate. The average time you are talking to someone is 3-5 minutes. So if you aren’t into someone then have no fear, in just a few short minutes they will be gone from  your sight and you are on to the next one! This is not something you can say for online dates. If you meet with someone you are likely stuck with them for a good hour. So whether you’re attracted to them or not, you’re there unless you come up with an excuse or have your friend call to say they had an emergency and need you to help them out right away, leaving you to rush from the date in a hurry. But then you have to deal with avoiding them and canceling plans for your make up date and you will likely have to have that uncomfortable conversation saying that you’re just not into them.

Give speed dating Washington DC a try and you may like what you see! Try out a few speed dating events and meet tons of great singles all in one night, rather than over the course of one year!