DC Singles Dating Events with a Twist!

I enjoy going out and having a good time. Every so often I will grab my single friends and go to DC singles dating event. Professionals in the City offers one almost each night of the week, mainly speed dating. But some of their speed dating events have a different spin on them and I wanted to tell you all about all of those fun little twists they offer!

The Speed Double Dating is a great event to go to with a friend who is too scared to sit in on Speed Dating by themselves. The way this one works, is that you are seated as a pair. So I bring my best friend with me and we speed date together the whole night across from 2 men who speed date together as well. Two guys talking to two girls each rotation! It’s really fun to have a team mate with you so things don’t feel as pressured with the one on one. I would recommend these datings for anyone scared to try speed dating the first time!

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Twenty Questions speed dating is also a fun DC singles dating event. This event is deal for anyone who isn’t great about thinking of conversation starters. Why? Because the staff picks the conversation for you! For each rotation, a new question is asked to spark a different and interesting conversation with each new guy. For example, we may get asked, “What famous person would you like to have dinner with?” It’s fun to have these new conversations because the old “I’m from X, I live in X, I work at X” gets pretty tiring to talk about over and over again.

Another fun twist on the regular speed dating is the Profile Hunt and Match. For this event, you fill out a questionnaire about yourself prior to the event. Questions on it range from,”What is your favorite song to jam out to?” to “What is the most embarassing thing you’ve been caught doing?” You don’t have to answer all of them but they’re fun questions! You bring the profile with you to the event and you don’t put your name on it. After the speed dating rounds, the speed dating staff pass out all of the women profiles to the men and all of the male profiles to the women. We then go around and try to find whose profile we have by asking the questions.

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Professionals in the City even has a special speed dating for all of the wine lovers out there! Their Speed Dating and Wine Tasting event is a fun way to date while trying wines! Attendees will get to sample 6 different wines and munch on cheese and crackers while meeting the rest of the singles. Wine and dating in one night? Sign me up!

On top of these special speed DC singles dating events with a twist, Pros in the City also offers a wide variety of themed speed dating events geared towards specific ages, religions, geographical locations, lifestyle choices and so on. I’m pretty sure you would be able to find something that fits into whatever you are looking for. The events range from the various age groups of 20s, 30s, 40 plus, baby boomers and some younger women/older men categories. For the various locations they have Georgetown, Tyson’s Corner, Bethesda, Rockville, Columbia, Old Town and more! They also offer Active and Fit datings, Asian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, South Asian and Indian, you name it- I bet they offer it!

Even if you do not see a DC singles dating event you’re interested in but think you could bring a big crowd to, just recommend it! In the past they have hosted speed datings for Vegetarians, women who love tall men, pet lovers and more. They also support the Gay and Lesbian community offering speed dating events for them in various age categories as well.

Professionals in the City’s goal is to provide a safe haven for singles in the DC area to meet one on one, face to face. They are firm believers that you can tell if you click with someone within minutes of meeting them. There’s no “behind the screen” flirting and then finding out the person you “match” with online is not the same person you’re meeting face to face. That is time wasted and we just don’t have that time!

These speed dating events are offered every night of the week all around the DC metro so you’ll never be bored and you will always have something to choose from whether it’s a weekend or even a week night! Try Professionals in the City’s DC singles dating events tonight and make new friends and meet a date!