DC Clubbing is Getting Old!

When I was younger I dreamed of a life living in a big city, working hard, playing hard, having the best time. I religiously watched Sex in the City thinking, “I can’t wait to live a life like that!”. Then my dream started to become a reality. I studied my butt off, I got a great scholarship at an Ivy League college and then I got my big girl job in the city here in DC working for a law firm. I was in my twenties. I was ‘living it up’ and I loved it. Fast forward another 10 years and here I am, still single and over this city life. DC clubbing has taken a seat in my back pocket for now because it’s just not fun any more and I found that majority of the guys I met at a club were never the “bring home to Mom” type. I would have a two to three month fling with them and off they would go and off I would go looking for another guy at yet another DC club. It was a vicious cycle but I was determined to break it.

One quick Google search for “Singles in Washington DC” led me to a fantastic page of resources local to DC that I never knew existed. Where has this been all my life? Singles events for Professionals even! Professionals in the City offers loads of singles events and they are all broken down and tailored towards specific groupings of people. I mean, they have everything under the sun that I can even think of!

Ditch the DC Clubbing and Attend a Pros in the City Speed Dating Now!
I was now turning in my DC clubbing for speed dating events and singles hang outs. This new found life was so foreign to me. Imagine, meeting someone and being able to hear them have a conversation the first time you meet rather than after you’ve left the club, tipsy and desperate. Finally I can have a real conversation, sober (OK a FEW drinks were involved but not like I use to get at the clubs) and decent men who are looking for the same thing I am which is not just a hook up. How meaningful! Did I mention they were decent?

Also, I’m meeting more than just a handful of guys in one night. I’m meeting at least 15 or more and having one on one conversations with each of them. Even if it’s just a few minutes at a time, I can totally read their energy and get the feel for which guy I’m clicking with and which guy I would rather pass on. It is true what they say, you can really tell if you’re in to someone in that short amount of time. I was amazed myself! I told my DC clubbing friends all about it and tried to get them to convert.

Why don’t all singles in Washington DC know about this hidden gem? I’m definitely telling all of my friends and bringing them along. This is the perfect type of organization that allows you to transition yourself from the DC clubbing scene to a pool of professional singles. If you’re like me, you tend to shy away from internet and online dating at all costs. I know that tons of people have met through those sites but I can’t help but think of all of the things that go majorly wrong with those sites as well. It feels like a big standardized test that matches you with people based on their answers, but I have always been bad at taking tests so how am I to trust this with my love life? That is kind of an important thing! I want to take matters into my own hands, not sit back behind a computer screen hoping this guy I’m spilling my guts to turns out to be who he is. Ever seen Catfish? Well I’m not about to bite!

I can honestly say that my DC clubbing days are long behind me and I am not going back! I don’t miss those guys who don’t call the next day. I don’t miss being hungover. And I certainly don’t miss getting my heart broken over and over. I also don’t miss the prices of those clubs! Cover pay, plus drinks, plus going out outfits and not to mention the after hours junk food and pizza before going to bed. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the hangover brunch the next day. That adds up! I can pay less than half of that for a much more effective night and I don’t have to worry so much about burning the alcohol and calories off the next day at the gym.

Tell all singles in Washington DC that you know of these singles events! I am sure DC clubbing is getting old to a lot of people past the age of 25, so if you know of anyone then be sure to spread the word!